The Good Witch's Wonder (2018) Full Movie

Watch The Good Witch's Wonder (2014) : Full Movie Online Free Cassie Nightingale (Bell) finds herself with only days to plan her stepson Brandon's (Knight) wedding to Tara (Leggat) when the happy couple unexpectedly pushes up the date for their big day. Meanwhile, Martha (Disher), the newly elected mayor of Middleton has roped her into chairing the silent auction to raise much-needed funds for her pet project, the Middleton Botanical Gardens. Audrey (Wilson), a new arrival in town, pops in to Cassie's store Bell, Book & Candle and the two instantly bond. Needing help in the store, Cassie immediately hires Audrey as her new store associate and she even pitches in and helps Cassie organize the auction. But, Audrey is hiding a secret past and suspicions start to swirl around her when the donated auction items are missing. With the use of her "special" powers - as well as some teamwork by the Mayor and Jake (Potter), her husband and local Chief of Police - Cassie hopes to conjure up the truth before it's too late.

The Good Witch's Wonder
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Title The Good Witch's Wonder
Release Date Oct 01, 2014
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Genres TV Movie, Family, Fantasy, Drama
Production Company Whizbang Films
Production Countries Canada
Casts Chris Potter, Catherine Bell, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Catherine Disher, Matthew Knight, Ashley Leggat, Peter MacNeill, Noah Cappe, Lily-Fay Mowbray, Rachel Wilson, Kathleen Laskey